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Presenting an advanced range of Special Purpose Industrial Tools at discounted prices..

Who We Are

Whether a worker or employee is working in a workshop, factory or in a construction site, industrial tools are an important part of the work. Among numerous industrial tools, the presence of power tools is of high importance. These power tools form the basic part of the industrial tools, without the assistance of which, work in the industrial segment is almost difficult. The two different types of power industrial tools that are largely used in virtually every industrial set up are the moveable ones, that is, those which can be easily shifted and moved from one place to another and the next is the stationary one, that is those, that are remained at one pace and cannot be moved.

Established in 1996, we, Master Tools & Gauges take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the reliable and trusted organizations which has hands-on experience in designing and fabricating Special Purpose Tools for Engineering, Manufacturing and Examination with system design and implementation.